The Hotline

As a part of the Studs Terkel Centennial Celebration, the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum has set up a phone line to record stories about listening and stories about Studs.

Everyone is encouraged to participate — those who knew Studs personally, those who were influenced by his life, and those who have experienced how profound listening can be.

If you would rather contribute by telling a story about listening, consider the question:
When has listening changed the way you thought about the world?

1. Consider the questions: What did Studs mean to you? Do you have a
story about Studs? When has listening closely changed the way you
thought about the world?

2. Call in to the hotline: 559-546-1661

3. Leave a message with your story!
Some tips for a successful story and a successful recording:
• Think through your story and jot down some notes about what you want to say.
• Practice telling your story once or twice so you feel comfortable,
but don’t feel like you have to read from a script or be completely
rehearsed. Stories sound best when you tell them as though you are
talking to a friend or neighbor.
• Keep it short! You only have three minutes to tell us your story on
the hotline, and short stories are often the most compelling.
• Go somewhere quiet. A closet, an office, and a bedroom are all great
places to record your message. It will sound best without sirens,
wind, or street noise in the background.
• Above all else — just do it! We all have great stories, and this is
a fantastic opportunity to share one of yours. It won’t take very
long, and it will be fun!

find out more by clicking HERE

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